Magnuson, J. Scott et al.: 2016 Robotic Head and Neck Surgery DOI: 10.1055/b-0036-140565

8 Robotic Surgery for the Management of Sleep Apnea

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Editors: Magnuson, J. Scott; Genden, Eric M.; Kuppersmith, Ronald B.

Authors: Bahgat, Ahmed Yassin; Byeon, Hyung Kwon; Chung, Woong Youn; Crawford, Julia A.; Eesa, Mohamed; Genden, Eric M.; Hanna, Ehab Y.; Hendawy, Ehsan; Kass, Jason I.; Koh, Yoon Woo; Krishnan, Suren; Kupferman, Michael E.; Kuppersmith, Ronald B.; Lee, Jandee; Magnuson, J. Scott; Meccariello, Giuseppe; Miles, Brett A.; Modest, Mara C.; Montevecchi, Filippo; Moore, Eric J.; Sebastian, Susan K.; Smith, Richard V.; Smith, Roger; Vicini, Claudio A.; White, Hilliary N.

Title: Robotic Head and Neck Surgery

Subtitle: The Essential Guide

Print ISBN: 9781604069198; Online ISBN: 9781604069211; Book DOI: 10.1055/b-004-140246

Subjects: Minimalinvasive Surgery, Laser Surgery, Laparoscopy

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