Imamoto, T.: 2003 Science of Synthesis, Volume 2: Category 1, Organometallics DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-002-00384

Product Class 7: Carbonyl Complexes of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Tungsten with σ-Bonded Ligands

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Editor: Imamoto, T.

Authors: Noyori, R.; Barbier-Baudry, D.; Dormond, A.; Gridnev, I. D.; Herrmann, W. A.; Hou, Z.; Imamoto, T.; Ito, T.; Kühn, F. E.; Kündig, E. P.; Mashima, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Mikami, K.; Minato, M.; Mommertz, A.; Nakamura, A.; Negishi, E.; Oshima, K.; Pache, S. H.; Poli, R.; Romão, C. C.; Salisbury, B. A.; Shiono, T.; Smith, K. M.; Takahashi, T.; Theopold, K. H.; Wakatsuki, Y.

Title: Category 1, Organometallics

Subtitle: Compounds of Groups 7–3 (Mn…, Cr…, V…, Ti…, Sc…, La…, Ac…)

Print ISBN: 9783131121417; Online ISBN: 9783131834911; Book DOI: 10.1055/b-003-121792

Subjects: Organometallic Chemistry

Science of Synthesis 1: Organometallics

Parent publication

Title: Science of Synthesis

Online ISBN: 9783131940919; DOI: 10.1055/b-00000101

Type: Multivolume Edition


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