Weinreb, S. M. et al.: 2004 Science of Synthesis, 17: Category 2, Hetarenes and Related Ring Systems DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-017-01065

Product Subclass 3: Thiepins and Selenium Analogues

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Editors: Weinreb, S. M.; Schaumann, E.

Authors: Bohle, M.; Borzilleri, R. M.; Döpp, D.; Döpp, H.; Herr, R. J.; Hutchings, R. H.; Layton, M. E.; Lindsley, C. W.; Mahajan, Y. R.; McKeown, N. B.; Meigh, J.-P. K.; Schwan, A. L.; Smith, K. M.; Surman, M. D.; Tominaga, Y.; Ulrich, H.; Vicente, M. G. H.; von Angerer, S.; Weinreb, S. M.; Yamamoto, K.; Yamazaki, S.

Title: Category 2, Hetarenes and Related Ring Systems

Subtitle: Six-Membered Hetarenes with Two Unlike or More than Two Heteroatoms and Fully Unsaturated Larger-Ring Heterocycles

Print ISBN: 9783131186713; Online ISBN: 9783131836717; Book DOI: 10.1055/b-003-121805

Subjects: Organic Chemistry

Science of Synthesis 2: Hetarenes

Parent publication

Title: Science of Synthesis

Online ISBN: 9783131940919; DOI: 10.1055/b-00000101

Type: Multivolume Edition


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