CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · International Journal of Epilepsy 2017; 04(02): 190
DOI: 10.1016/S2213-6320(17)30067-2
Multiple Choice Question
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Multiple Choice Question – Pharmacotherapy of Epilepsy

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06 May 2018 (online)

  • Q.1 Genetic mutation which is NOT associated with Dravet syndrome is

    • A) SCN 2A

    • B) SCN 1B

    • C) CACN 1A

    • D) GABARG2

  • Q.2 All are true regarding Ring 20 chromosome syndrome except

    • A) NCSE of frontotemporal origin

    • B) Microcephaly is a usual accompaniment

    • C) Nocturnal CSWS is not a point of exclusion

    • D) Profound intellectual dysfunction may be seen

  • Q.3 Absence seizures are seen in what percentage of JME

    • A) 5%

    • B) 10%

    • C) 30%

    • D) 50%

  • Q.4 Mechanism of action of Perampanel is through

    • A) AMPA receptor antagonism

    • B) AMPA receptor facilitation

    • C) Potassium channel blocking

    • D) Prolonging sodium channel inactivation

  • Q.5 Which among the following differentiates nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy from parasomnias

    • A) Coherent speech with no recall

    • B) Duration more than 10 minutes

    • C) Wandering outside room

    • D) Five or more events in a single night

Dr. Deepak Menon and Dr. Sanjeev V. Thomas