Int J Sports Med 2021; 42(02): 138-146
DOI: 10.1055/a-1157-9220
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Comparison of Omegawave Device and an Ambulatory ECG for RR Interval Measurement at rest

1  Department of Sports and Computing, Pablo de Olavide University, Sevilla, Spain
José Francisco Ruso-Álvarez
1  Department of Sports and Computing, Pablo de Olavide University, Sevilla, Spain
José Luis Rojo-Álvarez
2  Department of Signal Theory and Communications and Telematic Systems and Computation, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
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The aim of this study was to validate the measurements of the beat intervals taken at rest by the Omegawave® device by comparing them to an ambulatory electrocardiogram system. For this purpose, the electrocardiogram was digitally processed, time-aligned, and scrutinized for its suitable use as gold-standard. Rest measurements were made for 10 minutes on 5 different days to 10 men and 3 women (24.8±5.05 years; 71.82±11.02 kg; 174.35±9.13 cm). RR intervals were simultaneously recorded using the Omegawave device and a Holter electrocardiogram. The processing of Holter electrocardiogram signals included the detrending of baseline noise and a high-pass filtering for emphasizing the QRS complexes and attenuating the T waves. After obtaining the RR intervals from the electrocardiogram, those from the Omegawave device were automatically aligned to them with cross-correlation digital processing techniques and compared to check whether both measurements could be considered superimposable. A Bland-Altman analysis was applied to the 5 measurements made for all subjects. The Omegawave device exhibited very strong agreement with a quality-controlled Holter electrocardiogram. Deviations not exceeding 25 ms could be expected in 95% of the cases, which is within manageable ranges both for clinical practice and for sports.

Publication History

Received: 23 October 2019

Accepted: 01 April 2020

Publication Date:
25 August 2020 (online)

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