Endoscopy 2024; 56(05): v5
DOI: 10.1055/a-2253-2990
Author commentary

Author commentary on Kazuya Miyaguchi et al.

Kazuya Miyaguchi et al. Linked-color imaging with or without artificial intelligence for adenoma detection: a randomized trial

Adenoma detection rate (ADR) was compared between linked-color imaging (LCI) alone and artificial intelligence-assisted LCI (LCA). In this randomized trial, 400 patients were included in each group. LCA showed a significantly higher ADR compared with LCI (58.8% vs. 43.5%). Nonpolypoid adenomas and small polyps were also more often detected by LCA. No significant difference in ADR was found between experts and trainees, implying that LCA may increase ADR in all endoscopists.



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23. April 2024

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