Synfacts 2009(4): 0452-0452  
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1087853
Polymer-Supported Synthesis
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Copper Zeolites Catalyzed Homocoupling of Terminal Alkynes

Contributor(s): Yasuhiro Uozumi, Yoichi M. A. Yamada, Hidetoshi Ohta
P. Kuhn, A. Alix, M. Kumarraja, B. Louis, P. Pale*, J. Sommer*
Université L. Pasteur and ECPM, Strasbourg, France and Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Siyakasi, India
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23. März 2009 (online)


Copper(I)-modified USY zeolite (CuI-USY) was prepared with the perspective to use it for the homocoupling of terminal alkynes 1. Thus, NH4-USY was heated at 550 ˚C to give H-USY. Then, a mixuture of H-USY and CuCl was heated at 350 ˚C under nitrogen flow to afford CuI-USY (pore size 7.4 Å). The reaction of 1 was carried out in the presence of CuI-USY at 110 ˚C under air to yield the corresponding diynes 2 (14 examples, 20-98% yield).