Endoscopy 1971; 03(2): 103-105
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1098124
Reports on new Instruments and new Methods

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Endoscopic Polypectomy in the Proximal Colon

P. Deyhle, K. Seuberth, S. Jenny, L. Demling
  • Department of Medicine, University Erlangen-Nuremberg
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08 December 2008 (online)


Until recently a laparotomy was necessary to carry out polypectomy for diagnostic, prophylactic or therapeutic purposes.

With the aid of a diathermy wire loop (or snare) developed by us, and a flexible coloscope, we have succeeded in removing 6 colionic polyps through the anus.

The operation is completely painless and is carried out without anaesthesia or the previous administration of analgesics. The patient is saved the operation of laparotomy with the attendant period of hospitalisation.