Synfacts 2011(4): 0381-0381  
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1259626
Synthesis of Materials and Unnatural Products
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New 7b-Arylfluoradenes

Contributor(s): Timothy M. Swager, Olesya Haze
L. Rong, Q. Liu*, Y. Shi, J. Tang
East China Normal University, Shanghai, P. R. of China
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Publication Date:
18 March 2011 (online)


A series of highly strained 7b-aryl-fluoradenes 4 was prepared using a Friedel-Crafts reaction followed by a palladium-catalyzed intra-molecular C-H arylation. The ortho-para-directing nitrogen of the aromatic cores (blue) controls the regioselectivity of the Friedel-Crafts step.