Ultraschall in Med 2012; 33(2): 189-190
DOI: 10.1055/s-0031-1274825
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27 April 2012 (online)

„Naděje není přesvědčení, že něco dopadne dobře, nýbrž jistota, že něco má smysl, lhostejno jak to dopadne“

Václav Havel

„Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something is meaningful, no matter how it turns out“

Václav Havel

The EPSC maintains, together with the Executive Bureau, Publications Committee and Safety Committee, the EFSUMB website. Thus, EPSC has been publishing since 2006 together with other authorities of EFSUMB a number of recommendations and guidelines http://www.efsumb.org/guidelines/guidelines01.asp of which “Minimum Training Recommendations for the Practice of Medical Ultrasound in Europe” has 15 chapters.

Many of the recommendations and guidelines are reflective of our general professional level but still have not become part of the daily routines of most teachers and trainers of ultrasound in Europe. In practice, however, only a few teachers use these guidelines. A bylaw regulating “Euroson Schools” was recently modified and thus allowed significant expansion of quality educational ultrasound programs into many countries. Euroson Schools have already been organised and carried to completion in Germany, England, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, and Norway, as well as in Romania, Slovak and Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Latvia. This year we have had our first school in Greece and also one in Switzerland later this year...

We think that EPSC and even EFSUMB are currently facing decisive steps. Either we popularize learning initiatives across Europe so that they gradually become an integral part of education in each country, or remain a “paper tiger” or rather an “electronic tiger”, which hangs in the Internet, but otherwise is actually useless ...

In our opinion, it is necessary to carry out the following steps in the near future: