Ultraschall in Med 2012; 33(7): E361-E363
DOI: 10.1055/s-0031-1281660
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Slipped Distal Humerus Epiphysis in Tiny Infants Easily Detected and Followed-Up by Ultrasound

Distale Humerusepiphysenlösung bei Säuglingen. Diagnose mittels UltraschallA. Fette, J. Mayr
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received: 22.3.2011

accepted: 19.7.2011

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24 January 2012 (eFirst)


Impaired function of the upper extremity in newborns is either caused by congenital dysplasia or obstetrical trauma. The latter frequently results in fractures of the clavicle and plexus palsy or more rarely in a dislocated elbow joint or a slipped humerus epiphysis. In tiny infants both could be non-incidental as well. Due to the general absence of ossific nuclei in infants of this age and the rarity and unimpressive clinical appearance of such lesions, they are often missed or misinterpreted in the first instance.