Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet 2016; 38(06): 314
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1584947
Letter to Editor
Thieme Publicações Ltda Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Zika Virus Infection in Pregnant Women: Topic for Discussion

Infecção pelo vírus Zika em mulheres: tópico para discussão
Won Sriwijitalai
1  Medical Center, 2RVT Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand
Viroj Wiwanitkit
2  Department of Tropical Medicine, Hainan Medical University, Haikou, China
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01 June 2016

07 June 2016

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11 July 2016 (online)

Dear Editor, the recent publication on Zika virus infection is very interesting.[1] It is no doubt that Zika virus infection in pregnant is an actual challenge.[1] The unwanted outcome of the infection in pregnancy is well documented. Nevertheless, there are many topics for further discussions. First, how to monitor the pregnancy until term required the outcome from the consensus of experts. Fetal monitoring should be required. The big question is how to manage the case with an identified abnormal fetus. The role of “abortion” for the termination of pregnancy will be the further controversial dilemma for the medical practice. In addition, the myth that there has never been previous observation on abnormal fetuses in the affected pregnant women in previous outbreaks outside America requires further investigation for explanation. In many tropical settings, such as Thailand, where the infected cases are already seen,[2] there is still no report on abnormal fetuses.