DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1588584
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Oxidative Conversion of Sulfonyl Indoles into 3-Alkylidene-2-oxindoles under Flow Chemical Conditions

Marino Petrini, Elena Chiurchiù, Federico V. Rossi, Alessandro Palmieri*
  • Green Chemistry Group, School of Sciences and Technology, Chemistry Division, University of Camerino, Via S. Agostino n. 1, 62032 Camerino (MC), Italy   Email:
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Received: 30 July 2017

Accepted after revision: 12 September 2017

Publication Date:
04 October 2017 (eFirst)


Sulfonyl indoles were converted into 3-alkylidene-2-oxindoles using NCS as the sole reagent under flow chemical conditions. The conjugated oxindole derivatives were generally obtained as E stereoisomers in moderate to satisfactory yields. The transformation entails the oxidation of the indole ring by NCS followed by elimination of arylsulfinic acid in order to install the exocyclic unsaturation.

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