Methods Inf Med 2002; 41(03): 196-201
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1634434
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Preliminary Findings of Adult Health Screening under National Health Insurance in Taiwan

L. Huang
1   School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown University, USA, Dept. of Health Care Management, School of Management, Chang-Gung University, Taiwan
H. M. Tseng
2   Dept. of Health Care Management, School of Management, Chang-Gung University, Taiwan
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08. Februar 2018 (online)


Objectives: To provide baseline values of health elated parameters for the Taiwanese population.

Methods: A systematic sample of 9016 out of 692,311 persons undergoing health check-ups is analyzed and described, and compared to a similar survey undertaken ten years ago. Some physical indices and lab tests exhibited significant age and sex related differences.

Results: The prevalence of groups of diseases, and the distribution of test results by age and sex are reported and compared to other studies.

Conclusions: Compared to the survey conducted ten years ago, Taiwanese adults are taller and heavier, but not necessarily healthier.

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