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The Effect of Preoperative Biliary and Pancreatic Drainage on Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula: A Retrospective Cohort Study

John Mathew Manipadam
1   Department of GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation, VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre, Kochi, Kerala, India
Mahesh S.
1   Department of GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation, VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre, Kochi, Kerala, India
Jacob Mathew Kadamapuzha
1   Department of GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation, VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre, Kochi, Kerala, India
Ramesh H.
1   Department of GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation, VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre, Kochi, Kerala, India
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03 November 2017

05 February 2018

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20 March 2018 (online)


Background Surgeons and endoscopists welcome routine preoperative biliary drainage prior to pancreaticoduodenectomy despite evidence that it increases complications. Its effect on postoperative pancreatic fistula is variably reported in literature. Simultaneous biliary and pancreatic drainage is rarely performed for very selected indications and its effects on postoperative pancreatic fistula are largely unknown. Our aim was to analyze the same while eliminating confounding factors.

Methods Retrospective single center cohort study of patients who underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy over the past 10 years for carcinoma obstructing the lower common bile duct. Patients who underwent biliary stenting alone, biliary and pancreatic stenting, and no stenting prior to pancreaticoduodenectomy were the three study cohort groups and their records were scrutinized for the incidence of postoperative pancreatic fistula.

Results Sixty-two patients underwent biliary stenting alone, 5 patients underwent both biliary and pancreatic stenting, and 237 patients were not stented in the adenocarcinoma group without chronic pancreatitis. The pancreatic fistula rate was similar in the patients who underwent biliary stenting alone when compared with the group which was not stented. (24/62 versus 67/237, odds ratio [OR] =0.619, confidence interval (CI) =0.345–1.112, p = 0.121). However, the patients who underwent both biliary and pancreatic stenting had a significant increase in postoperative pancreatic fistula compared with the not stented (p = 0.003). By univariate and multivariate analysis using Firth logistic regression, pancreatic texture (OR = 1.205, CI = 0.103–2.476, p = 0.032) and the presence of a biliary and pancreatic stent (OR = 2.695, CI = 0.273–7.617, p = 0.027) were the significant factors affecting pancreatic fistula.

Conclusion Preoperative biliary drainage alone has no significant influence on postoperative pancreatic fistula except when combined with pancreatic stenting. We need more such studies from other centers to confirm that the rare event of preoperative biliary and pancreatic stenting has indeed this harmful effect on healing of postoperative pancreatic anastomosis.

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