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Awareness of the Influence of Periodontitis on Systemic Health among Medical Professionals: A Questionnaire Study

1   Department of Periodontics, NITTE (deemed to be university), AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Derlakatte, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India
2   Raghavendra Vamsi Anegundi Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodontics, Saveetha Dental College, SIMATS, Saveetha University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
1   Department of Periodontics, NITTE (deemed to be university), AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Derlakatte, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India
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Background Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the periodontium, characterized by progressive destruction of supporting periodontal structures. However, the periodontal infection can enter into the systemic circulation and affect different organs in the body, and systemic diseases may be aggravated by periodontal disease.

Aim The aim of this study is to evaluate the knowledge of medical professionals regarding periodontal disease and its correlation with systemic disease.

Materials and Methods The survey was conducted in different government/private hospitals in and around Mangaluru city, Karnataka, India. The online survey form was circulated among various medical practitioners between June and August 2019. There was a total of 10 questions in the questionnaire, and the respondents were asked to mark their appropriate choices. Using SPSS version 16, the data collected were compiled and analyzed.

Results A total of 186 general practitioners were involved in the study. About 75.4% of practitioners were aware of periodontal disease and 73.7% of practitioners were aware of the association between periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, 88.1% have referred their patients to a dentist. Among the medical doctors practicing in and around Mangaluru city, this survey showed that knowledge about the relationship between oral health and general health was good.

Conclusion This study emphasizes on increasing the awareness regarding periodontal and systemic interrelationships among physicians and more comprehensive and collective efforts by both the general physicians and dental surgeons to improve overall health through improving oral health.

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Article published online:
15 July 2022

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