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Development Trend and Thinking of International Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Late and Postpandemic Era

Benjamin Binjiang Wu
1   Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ontario, Toronto, Canada
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There are mainly following 10 aspects of the trends in the development of international traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the late and postepidemic era. (1) Rehabilitation intervention of TCM in the recovery period is the focus of international TCM clinical antiepidemic practice in the later stage of the epidemic. (2) The epidemic has accelerated the development of the internet toward high-tech online education and medical care. (3) The epidemic has forced overseas TCM to transform from the “agricultural era” to the “postindustrial era.” (4) It has become a trend that the proportion of theory courses in online teaching will increase dramatically. (5) The limited number of practical training courses and the simultaneous online and offline rotation of teaching will become a useful medium of exploration. (6) Online sharing of high-quality courses can save costs and is also the direction of future development. (7) It will become the norm for the adoption of online TCM conferences that break traditional barriers of locale and time zone. (8) The renewal of the heavy TCM clinical and teaching equipment is the trend of future development. (9) The involvement of finance and venture capital will catalyze the development of the field of corporate international chains of TCM and acupuncture. (10) Changes in the international political situation may affect the speed of the development of international Chinese medicine but will not stop its progress.

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Benjamin Binjiang Wu was responsible for the conceptualization, investigation, methodology, validation, writing, and writing—review and editing.

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Received: 15 June 2022

Accepted: 26 August 2022

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06 March 2023

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