Synfacts 2005(1): 0165-0165  
DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-916021
Bioorganic Chemistry and Organocatalysis
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Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Hydrophosphonylation of Imines

Contributor(s): Hisashi Yamamoto, Matthew B. Boxer
T. Akiyama*, H. Morita, J. Itoh, K. Fuchibe
Gakushuin University, Japan
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21 September 2005 (online)


The authors present a useful chiral Brønsted acid that catalyzes the hydrophosphonylation of imines. This catalyst is prepared relatively easily and the reaction proceeds under mild conditions (room temperature). With a catalyst loading of 10 mol%, many examples give yields over 90% and ee’s over 85%.