Skull Base 2006; 16 - A049
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-958582

Management of Otic Vertigo

S. Peridis 1(presenter), D. Iosif 1, N. Armenakis 1, A. Chatziantoniadis 1
  • 1Rhodes, Greece

Aim: We present all the available surgical techniques for the management of otic vertigo. This is an instructional method which describes, step by step and with hand-drawn figures, the surgical steps and the instruments used in the treatment of Meniere's disease and benign positional vertigo.

Methods: We present the following two chapters: Meniere's disease: (1) selective procedures: endolymphatic shunt (a) mastoid, (b) subarachnoid. Vestibular nerve section by (a) middle cranial fossa, (b) transmastoid and retrolabyrinthine; (2) semidestructive procedures: operation on the saccule: (a) Cody and Fick procedure, (b) singular nerve section, (c) cochleosacculotomy; (3) destructive procedures: (a) transmastoid labyrinthectomy, (b) translabyrinthine vestibular nerve section, (c) transcanal labyrinthectomy, (d) vestibular nerve section; and treatment of benign positional vertigo: (1) fenestration and obliteration of the posterior semicircular canal; (2) singular nerve section.

Results and Conclusions: From our description of these chapters we believe that we will give conclusive information to the candidate learning the management of otic vertigo.