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Philkhana, Satish Chandra; Badmus, Fatimat O.; Dos Reis, Isaac C.; Kartika, Rendy: Recent Advancements in Pyrrole Synthesis
Krishna, Gaddam; Grudinin, Dmitry G.; Nikitina, Eugeniya V.; Zubkov, Fedor I.: IntraMolecular Diels–Alder Reactions of Vinylarenes and Alkynyl Arenes (the IMDAV Reaction)

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Issue 08/2021

Issue 07/2021

Issue 06/2021

Issue 05/2021

Issue 04/2021

Issue 03/2021

Issue 02/2021

Issue 01/2021

Issue 24/2020

Dimitrov, Ivaylo V.; Suonio, Elina E. K.: Syntheses of Analogues of Propofol: A Review

Issue 23/2020

Issue 22/2020

Issue 21/2020

Issue 20/2020

Issue 19/2020

Christodoulou, Michael S.; Beccalli, Egle M.; Foschi, Francesca; Giofrè, Sabrina: Pd-Catalyzed Domino Reactions Involving Alkenes To Access Substituted Indole Derivatives

Issue 18/2020

Issue 17/2020

Issue 16/2020

Issue 15/2020

Issue 14/2020

Issue 13/2020

Issue 12/2020

Issue 11/2020

Issue 10/2020

Laurita, Teresa; D’Orsi, Rosarita; Chiummiento, Lucia; Funicello, Maria; Lupattelli, Paolo: Recent Advances in Synthetic Strategies to 2,3-Dihydrobenzofurans

Issue 09/2020

Issue 08/2020

Issue 07/2020

DaBell, Peter; Thomas, Stephen P.: Iron Catalysis in Target Synthesis

Issue 06/2020

Issue 05/2020

Issue 02/2020

Kletskov, Alexey V.; Bumagin, Nikolay A.; Zubkov, Fedor I.; Grudinin, Dmitry G.; Potkin, Vladimir I.: Isothiazoles in the Design and Synthesis of Biologically Active Substances and Ligands for Metal Complexes

Issue 01/2020

Sheng, Xia; Chen, Kaijun; Shi, Chengjin; Huang, Dayun: Recent Advances in Reactions of Propargylamines

Issue 24/2019

Bao, Xiazhen; Li, Jun; Jiang, Wei; Huo, Congde: Radical-Mediated Difunctionalization of Styrenes

Issue 23/2019

Dénès, Fabrice; Farard, Julien; Lebreton, Jacques: Synthesis of 13C-Labeled Steroids

Issue 22/2019

Issue 21/2019

Dank, Christian; Sanichar, Randy; Choo, Ken-Loon; Olsen, Madeline; Lautens, Mark: Recent Advances Towards Syntheses of Diterpenoid Alkaloids

Issue 20/2019

Issue 19/2019

Issue 18/2019

Issue 17/2019

Issue 16/2019

Issue 15/2019

Issue 14/2019

Issue 13/2019

Thoke, Mahesh Bhagwan; Kang, Qiang: Rhodium-Catalyzed Allylation Reactions

Issue 12/2019

Issue 11/2019

Ruan, Zhuwei; Li, Cheng; Shen, Defeng; Huang, Sha-Hua; Hong, Ran: FR901483: Synthetic Efficiency Remains a Challenge

Issue 10/2019

Issue 09/2019

De Risi, Carmela; Bortolini, Olga; Di Carmine, Graziano; Ragno, Daniele; Massi, Alessandro: Kinetic Resolution, Dynamic Kinetic Resolution and Asymmetric Desymmetrization by N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalysis

Issue 08/2019

Issue 07/2019

Issue 06/2019

Issue 05/2019

Kurandina, Daria; Chuentragool, Padon; Gevorgyan, Vladimir: Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Alkyl Heck-Type Reactions

Issue 04/2019

Trushkov, Igor V.; Uchuskin, Maxim G.; Abaev, Vladimir T.; Serdyuk, Olga V.: Indolylvinyl Ketones: Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds

Issue 03/2019

Issue 02/2019

Esguerra, Kenneth Virgel N.; Lumb, Jean-Philip: Cu(III)-Mediated Aerobic Oxidations

Issue 01/2019

Issue 24/2018

Issue 23/2018

Issue 21/2018

Brahmachari, Goutam; Nayek, Nayana; Nurjamal, Khondekar; Karmakar, Indrajit; Begam, Sanchari: Triethylamine — A Versatile Organocatalyst in Organic Transformations: A Decade Update

Issue 20/2018

Issue 19/2018

Issue 18/2018

Giustiniano, Mariateresa; Moni, Lisa; Sangaletti, Luca; Pelliccia, Sveva; Basso, Andrea; Novellino, Ettore; Tron, Gian Cesare: Interrupted Ugi and Passerini Reactions: An Underexplored Treasure Island

Issue 17/2018

Oger, Camille; Cuyamendous, Claire; de la Torre, Aurélien; Candy, Mathieu; Guy, Alexandre; Bultel-Poncé, Valérie; Durand, Thierry; Galano, Jean-Marie: History of Chemical Routes towards Cyclic Non-Enzymatic Oxygenated Metabolites of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Issue 16/2018

Makarov, Anton S.; Uchuskin, Maxim G.; Trushkov, Igor V.: Furan Oxidation Reactions in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products
Gilbert, Nicolas; Casault, Paméla; Ladouceur, François; Ricard, Simon; Daoust, Benoit: 1,2-Dihaloalkenes in Metal-Catalyzed Reactions

Issue 15/2018

Li, Caifeng; Liu, Liu; Fu, Xuegang; Huang, Jianhui: Norbornene in Organic Synthesis

Issue 14/2018

Issue 13/2018

Issue 12/2018

Issue 11/2018

Khajuria, Rajni; Rasheed, Sk.; Khajuria, Chhavi; Kapoor, Kamal K.; Das, Parthasarathi: Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles

Issue 10/2018

Issue 09/2018

Issue 08/2018

Stateman, Leah M.; Nakafuku, Kohki M.; Nagib, David A.: Remote C–H Functionalization via Selective Hydrogen Atom Transfer

Issue 07/2018

Issue 06/2018

Mardjan, Muhammad Idham Darussalam; Parrain, Jean-Luc; Commeiras, Laurent: Strategies To Access γ-Hydroxy-γ-butyrolactams

Issue 05/2018

Drouin, Myriam; Hamel, Jean-Denys; Paquin, Jean-François: Synthesis of Monofluoroalkenes: A Leap Forward

Issue 04/2018

Issue 03/2018

Issue 02/2018

Verbitskiy, Egor V.; Rusinov, Gennady L.; Chupakhin, Oleg N.; Charushin, Valery N.: Recent Advances in Direct C–H Functionalization of Pyrimidines

Issue 01/2018

Issue 24/2017

Issue 23/2017

Issue 22/2017

Issue 21/2017

Issue 20/2017

Issue 19/2017

Issue 18/2017

Hervin, Vincent O.; Coutant, Eloi P.; Gagnot, Glwadys; Janin, Yves L.: Synthesis of α-Amino Esters via α-Nitro or α-Oxime Esters: A Review

Issue 17/2017

Issue 16/2017

Issue 15/2017

Evano, Gwilherm; Lecomte, Morgan; Thilmany, Pierre; Theunissen, Cédric: Keteniminium Ions: Unique and Versatile Reactive Intermediates for Chemical Synthesis

Issue 14/2017

Issue 13/2017

Issue 12/2017

Gettys, Kristen E.; Ye, Zhishi; Dai, Mingji: Recent Advances in Piperazine Synthesis

Issue 11/2017

Issue 10/2017

Issue 09/2017

Issue 08/2017

Issue 07/2017

Issue 06/2017

Miyamura, Shin; Itami, Kenichiro; Yamaguchi, Junichiro: Syntheses of Biologically Active 2-Arylcyclopropylamines

Issue 05/2017

Jiao, Yan-Xiao; Ma, Xiao-Pan; Su, Gui-Fa; Mo, Dong-Liang: Recent Advances in the Arylation and Alkenylation of NO Bonds

Issue 04/2017

Issue 03/2017

Reyes, Efraím; Uria, Uxue; Carrillo, Luisa; Vicario, Jose L.: Enantioselective Cascade Reactions under N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalysis

Issue 24/2016

Sakhuja, Rajeev; Pericherla, Kasiviswanadharaju; Bajaj, Kiran; Khungar, Bharti; Kumar, Anil: Ytterbium Triflate Catalyzed Synthesis of Heterocycles

Issue 23/2016

Issue 22/2016

Issue 21/2016

Issue 20/2016

Littleson, Mairi M.; Russell, Claire J.; Frye, Elizabeth C.; Ling, Kenneth B.; Jamieson, Craig; Watson, Allan J. B.: Synthetic Approaches to Coronafacic Acid, Coronamic Acid, and Coronatine

Issue 18/2016

Grange, Rebecca L.; Clizbe, Elizabeth A.; Evans, P. Andrew: Recent Developments in Asymmetric Allylic Amination Reactions

Issue 17/2016

Gmach, Joanna; Joachimiak, Łukasz; Błażewska, Katarzyna M.: Aza-Michael Addition of Imidazole Analogues

Issue 16/2016

Issue 15/2016

Issue 13/2016

Liu, Nai-Wei; Liang, Shuai; Manolikakes, Georg: Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Sulfones

Issue 12/2016

Issue 11/2016

Gehrtz, Paul H.; Hirschbeck, Vera; Ciszek, Benjamin; Fleischer, Ivana: Carbonylations of Alkenes in the Total Synthesis of Natural Compounds

Issue 10/2016

Jones-Mensah, Ebenezer; Karki, Megha; Magolan, Jakob: Dimethyl Sulfoxide as a Synthon in Organic Chemistry

Issue 09/2016

Issue 08/2016

Issue 07/2016

Issue 06/2016

Barniol-Xicota, Marta; Leiva, Rosana; Escolano, Carmen; Vázquez, Santiago: Syntheses of Cinacalcet: An Enantiopure Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

Issue 05/2016

Voskressensky, Leonid G.; Golantsov, Nikita E.; Maharramov, Abel M.: Recent Advances in Bromination of Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Compounds

Issue 04/2016

Issue 03/2016

Issue 02/2016

Issue 01/2016

Issue 24/2015

Issue 23/2015

Issue 22/2015

Issue 21/2015

Issue 20/2015

Mann, Sam E.; Benhamou, L.; Sheppard, Tom D.: Palladium(II)-Catalysed Oxidation of Alkenes

Issue 19/2015

Issue 18/2015

Issue 17/2015

Issue 16/2015

Zhang, Lin; Fang, Guichun; Kumar, Rapolu Kiran; Bi, Xihe: Coinage-Metal-Catalyzed Reactions of Propargylic Alcohols

Issue 15/2015

Vetica, Fabrizio; de Figueiredo, Renata Marcia; Orsini, Monica; Tofani, Daniela; Gasperi, Tecla: Recent Advances in Organocatalytic Cascade Reactions toward the Formation of Quaternary Stereocenters

Issue 14/2015

Issue 13/2015

Courant, Thibaut; Dagousset, Guillaume; Masson, Géraldine: Enamide Derivatives: Versatile Building Blocks for Total Synthesis

Issue 12/2015

Issue 11/2015

Issue 10/2015

Issue 09/2015

Issue 08/2015

Issue 07/2015

Pericherla, Kasiviswanadharaju; Kaswan, Pinku; Pandey, Khima; Kumar, Anil: Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines

Issue 06/2015

Issue 05/2015

Issue 04/2015

Issue 03/2015

Issue 02/2015

Issue 01/2015

Mackay, Emily G.; Sherburn, Michael S.: The Diels–Alder Reaction in Steroid Synthesis

Issue 24/2014

Issue 23/2014

Dagousset, Guillaume; François, Cyril; Leόn, Thierry; Blanc, Romain; Sansiaume-Dagousset, Elodie; Knochel, Paul: Preparation of Functionalized Lithium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Manganese­, and Indium Organometallics from Functionalized Organic Halides

Issue 22/2014

Issue 21/2014

Issue 20/2014

Deore, Prashant S.; Haval, Kishan P.; Gadre, Smita R.; Argade, Narshinha P.: A Concise Account of the Chemistry of Valuable Alkyl(methyl)maleic Anhydrides

Issue 19/2014

Issue 18/2014

Windler, G. Kenneth; Pagoria, Philip F.; Vollhardt, K. Peter C.: Nitroalkynes: A Unique Class of Energetic Materials

Issue 17/2014

Issue 16/2014

Sen, Subhabrata; Prabhu, Ganesh; Bathula, Chandramohan; Hati, Santanu: Diversity-Oriented Asymmetric Synthesis

Issue 15/2014

Issue 14/2014

Issue 13/2014

Fang, Weiwei; Zhu, Haibo; Deng, Qinyue; Liu, Shuangliang; Liu, Xiyu; Shen, Yajing; Tu, Tao: Design and Development of Ligands for Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylation Reactions

Issue 12/2014

Issue 11/2014

Issue 10/2014

Issue 09/2014

Issue 08/2014

Bartoli, Giuseppe; Bencivenni, Giorgio; Dalpozzo, Renato: Asymmetric Cyclopropanation Reactions

Issue 07/2014

La Spisa, Fabio; Tron, Gian Cesare; El Kaïm, Laurent: The Nef Reaction of Isocyanides

Issue 06/2014

Issue 05/2014

Neochoritis, Constantinos G.; Zarganes-Tzitzikas, Tryfon; Stephanidou-Stephanatou, Julia: Dimethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate: A Versatile Tool in Organic Synthesis

Issue 04/2014

Issue 03/2014

Issue 02/2014

Issue 01/2014

Aitken, David J.; Eijsberg, Hendrik; Frongia, Angelo; Ollivier, Jean; Piras, Pier Paolo: Recent Progress in the Synthetic Assembly of 2-Cyclopentenones

Issue 24/2013

Issue 23/2013

Issue 22/2013

Silva, Eduarda M. P.; Varandas, Pedro A. M. M.; Silva, Artur M. S.: Developments in the Synthesis of 1,2-Dihydropyridines

Issue 21/2013

Issue 20/2013

Issue 19/2013

Aitken, Lewis S.; Arezki, Natasha R.; Dell’Isola, Antonio; Cobb, Alexander J. A.: Asymmetric Organocatalysis and the Nitro Group Functionality

Issue 18/2013

Issue 17/2013

Ila, Hiriyakkanavar; Markiewicz, John T.; Malakhov, Vladimir; Knochel, Paul: Metalated Indoles, Indazoles, Benzimidazoles, and Azaindoles and Their Synthetic Applications

Issue 16/2013

Weidmann, Verena; Maison, Wolfgang: Allylic Oxidations of Olefins to Enones

Issue 15/2013

Issue 14/2013

Goudedranche, Sébastien; Raimondi, Wilfried; Bugaut, Xavier; Constantieux, Thierry; Bonne, Damien; Rodriguez, Jean: Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Domino Synthesis of Six-Membered Carbocycles

Issue 12/2013

Issue 11/2013

Issue 10/2013

Issue 09/2013

Issue 08/2013

Finkbeiner, Peter; Nachtsheim, Boris J.: Iodine in Modern Oxidation Catalysis

Issue 07/2013

Issue 06/2013

Issue 05/2013

Issue 04/2013

Issue 03/2013

Issue 02/2013

Issue 01/2013

Issue 24/2012

Issue 23/2012

Issue 22/2012

Issue 21/2012

Issue 20/2012

Issue 19/2012

Issue 18/2012

Issue 17/2012

Issue 16/2012

Issue 15/2012

Issue 14/2012

Serdyuk, Olga V.; Muzalevskiy, Vasiliy M.; Nenajdenko, Valentine G.: Synthesis and Properties of Fluoropyrroles and Their Analogues

Issue 13/2012

Issue 12/2012

Issue 11/2012

Aceña, José Luis; Sorochinsky, Alexander E.; Soloshonok, Vadim A.: Recent Advances in the Asymmetric Synthesis of α-(Trifluoromethyl)-Containing α-Amino Acids

Issue 10/2012

Issue 09/2012

Larraufie, Marie-Hélène; Maestri, Giovanni; Malacria, Max; Ollivier, Cyril; Fensterbank, Louis; Lacôte, Emmanuel: The Cyanamide Moiety, Synthesis and Reactivity

Issue 08/2012

Issue 07/2012

Lim, Diane S. W.; Anderson, Edward A.: Synthesis of Vinylsilanes

Issue 06/2012

Issue 05/2012

Issue 04/2012

Issue 03/2012

Issue 02/2012

Issue 01/2012

Issue 24/2011

Boldon, Sophie; Stenhagen, Ida S. R.; Moore, Jane E.; Luthra, Sajinder K.; Gouverneur, Véronique: Supported Synthesis of Halogenated Organic Compounds

Issue 23/2011

Issue 22/2011

Issue 21/2011

Issue 20/2011

Issue 19/2011

Mikami, Koichi; Fustero, Santos; Sánchez-Roselló, Maria; Aceña, José Luis; Soloshonok, Vadim; Sorochinsky, Alexander: Synthesis of Fluorinated β-Amino Acids

Issue 18/2011

Sharma, Pallavi; Powell, Kimberley J.; Burnley, James; Awaad, Amani S.; Moses, John E.: Total Synthesis of Polypropionate-Derived γ-Pyrone Natural Products

Issue 17/2011

Lehnert, Tobias; Özüduru, Gülsüm; Grugel, Holger; Albrecht, Fabian; Telligmann, Susanne M.; Boysen, Mike M. K.: More Than Just Sweet - Sugar-Derived Stereodifferentiating Agents for Asymmetric Synthesis

Issue 16/2011

Serdyuk, Olga V.; Abaev, Vladimir T.; Butin, Alexander V.; Nenajdenko, Valentine G.: Synthesis of Fluorinated Thiophenes and Their Analogues
de Haro, Teresa; Nevado, Cristina: On Gold-Mediated C-H Activation Processes

Issue 15/2011

Issue 14/2011

Ariza, Xavier; Garcia, Jordi; Romea, Pedro; Urpí, Fèlix: Stereoselective Acetate Aldol Reactions from Metal Enolates

Issue 13/2011

Issue 12/2011

Issue 11/2011

Verendel, J. Johan; Church, Tamara L.; Andersson, Pher G.: Catalytic One-Pot Production of Small Organics from Polysaccharides

Issue 10/2011

Issue 09/2011

Issue 08/2011

O’Brien, Matthew; Denton, Ross; Ley, Steven V.: Lesser-Known Enabling Technologies for Organic Synthesis

Issue 07/2011

Bonjoch, Josep; Diaba, Faïza; Bradshaw, Ben: Synthesis of 2-Azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes

Issue 06/2011

Issue 05/2011

Issue 04/2011

Issue 03/2011

Issue 02/2011

Höfling, Sarah B.; Heinrich, Markus R.: Nitrogen-Centered Radical Scavengers

Issue 01/2011

Issue 24/2010

Issue 23/2010

Issue 22/2010

Rinner, Uwe; Lentsch, Christoph; Aichinger, Christian: Syntheses of Galbulimima Alkaloids

Issue 21/2010

Issue 20/2010

Issue 19/2010

Koester, Dennis C.; Holkenbrink, Annika; Werz, Daniel B.: Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Carbohydrate Mimetics

Issue 18/2010

Tappe, Florian M. J.; Trepohl, Verena T.; Oestreich, Martin: Transition-Metal-Catalyzed C-P Cross-Coupling Reactions

Issue 17/2010

Issue 16/2010

Issue 15/2010

Winternheimer, David J.; Shade, Ryan E.; Merlic, Craig A.: Methods for Vinyl Ether Synthesis

Issue 14/2010

Issue 13/2010

Issue 12/2010

Issue 11/2010

Issue 10/2010

Issue 09/2010

Karimi, Babak; Behzadnia, Hesam; Elhamifar, Dawood; Akhavan, Pari Fadavi; Esfahani, Farhad Kabiri; Zamani, Asghar: Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative Heck Reactions

Issue 08/2010

Issue 07/2010

Silva, Jr., Luiz F.; Carneiro, Vânia M. T.: Thallium(III) in Organic Synthesis

Issue 06/2010

Issue 05/2010

Küchenthal, Christian-H.; Maison, Wolfgang: Synthesis of Cyclic Hydrazino α-Carboxylic Acids

Issue 04/2010

Czekelius, Constantin; Tzschucke, Carl Christoph: Synthesis of Halogenated Carboxylic Acids and Amino Acids

Issue 03/2010

Issue 02/2010

Issue 01/2010

Merino, Pedro; Marqués-López, Eugenia; Tejero, Tomás; Herrera, Raquel P.: Enantioselective Organocatalytic Diels-Alder Reactions

Issue 24/2009

Issue 23/2009

Muzalevskiy, Vasiliy M.; Shastin, Aleksey V.; Balenkova, Elizabeth S.; Haufe, Günter; Nenajdenko, Valentine G.: Synthesis of Trifluoromethyl Pyrroles and Their Benzo Analogues

Issue 22/2009

Volochnyuk, Dmitriy M.; Ryabukhin, Sergey V.; Plaskon, Andrey S.; Grygorenko, Oleksandr O.: Organosilicon Compounds as Water Scavengers in Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds

Issue 21/2009

Semeniuchenko, Volodymyr; Groth, Ulrich; Khilya, Volodymyr: Synthesis of Chroman-2-ones by Reduction of Coumarins

Issue 20/2009

Issue 19/2009

Issue 18/2009

Issue 16/2009

Rosenberg, Sara; Leino, Reko: Synthesis of Spirocyclic Ethers

Issue 15/2009

Issue 14/2009

Issue 13/2009

Majumdar, K. C.; Bhattacharyya, Trijit; Chattopadhyay, Buddhadeb; Sinha, Biswajit: Recent Advances in the Aza-Claisen Rearrangement

Issue 12/2009

Issue 11/2009

Issue 10/2009

Issue 09/2009

Issue 08/2009

Janecki, Tomasz; Kędzia, Jacek; Wąsek, Tomasz: Michael Additions to Activated Vinylphosphonates

Issue 07/2009

Issue 06/2009

Bournaud, Chloée; Chung, Florence; Luna, Alejandro Pérez; Pasco, Morgane; Errasti, Gauthier; Lecourt, Thomas; Micouin, Laurent: Stereoselective Transformations of meso Bicyclic Hydrazines: Versatile Access to Functionalized Aminocyclopentanes

Issue 05/2009

Clarke, Paul A.; Reeder, Andrew T.; Winn, Joby: Transannulation Reactions in the Synthesis of Natural Products

Issue 04/2009

Issue 03/2009

Issue 02/2009

Kotha, Sambasivarao; Deb, Ashoke Chandra; Lahiri, Kakali; Manivannan, Ethirajan: Selected Synthetic Strategies to Spirocyclics

Issue 01/2009

Seebach, Dieter; Beck, Albert K.; Capone, Stefania; Deniau, Gildas; Grošelj, Uroš; Zass, Engelbert: Enantioselective Preparation of β²-Amino Acid Derivatives for β-Peptide Synthesis

Issue 24/2008

Issue 23/2008

Balasubramaniam, Sivaraman; Aidhen, Indrapal Singh: The Growing Synthetic Utility of the Weinreb Amide

Issue 22/2008

Hess, Wilfried; Treutwein, Jonas; Hilt, Gerhard: Cobalt-Catalysed Carbon-Carbon Bond-Formation Reactions

Issue 21/2008

Issue 20/2008

Issue 19/2008

Issue 18/2008

Breuning, Matthias; Steiner, Melanie: Chiral Bispidines

Issue 17/2008

Issue 16/2008

Issue 15/2008

Kwong, Cathy Kar-Wing; Fu, Michael Yunyi; Lam, Cynthia Sze-Lok; Toy, Patrick H.: The Phosphine-Catalyzed Alkyne to 1,3-Diene Isomerization Reaction

Issue 13/2008

Vogler, Thomas; Studer, Armido: Applications of TEMPO in Synthesis

Issue 12/2008

Issue 11/2008

Issue 10/2008

Issue 09/2008

Issue 08/2008

Issue 07/2008

Winkel, Andreas; Reddy, Peddiahgari Vasu Govardhana; Wilhelm, René: Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Application of Chiral Ionic Liquids

Issue 06/2008

Smitha, Gouni; Chandrasekhar, Srivari; Reddy, Cherkupally Sanjeeva: Applications of Zirconium(IV) Chloride in Organic Synthesis

Issue 05/2008

Issue 04/2008

Kouznetsov, Vladimir V.; Vargas Méndez, Leonor Yamile: Recent Developments in Three-Component Grignard-Barbier-Type Reactions

Issue 03/2008

Issue 02/2008

Kostyuk, Aleksandr N.; Volochnyuk, Dmitriy M.; Sibgatulin, Dmitriy A.: Reaction of Linear Push-Pull Enamines at the β′-Position

Issue 01/2008

Issue 24/2007

Ciufolini, Marco A.; Braun, Norbert A.; Canesi, Sylvain; Ousmer, Malika; Chang, Jonah; Chai, David: Oxidative Amidation of Phenols through the Use of Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: Development and Applications

Issue 23/2007

Issue 22/2007

Issue 21/2007

Ferraz, Helena M. C.; Bombonato, Fernanda I.; Longo Jr, Luiz S.: Synthetic Approaches to Naturally Occurring Ten-Membered-Ring Lactones

Issue 20/2007

Issue 19/2007

Shuklov, Ivan A.; Dubrovina, Natalia V.; Börner, Armin: Fluorinated Alcohols as Solvents, Cosolvents and Additives in Homogeneous Catalysis
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