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Plasek, Erin E.; Denman, Brylon N.; Roberts, Courtney C.: Insights into the Regioselectivity of Metal-Catalyzed Aryne Reactions
Xie, Xiaolan; Hou, Na; Lin, Yan; Lei, Jian: Synthesis of Ynamides by C(sp)–H Amidation

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Zhang, Yang; Sigrist, Michel; Martínez, Sebastián; Bojanowski, Jan; Antheaume, Cyril; Granda, Jarosław M.; Dydio, Paweł: Iodide-Assisted Pd Catalysis as an Attractive Alternative to Rh Catalysis for the Industrially Relevant Isoselective Hydroformylation of Simple Aliphatic Alkenes

Issue 10/2023

Issue 09/2023

Nieland, Esther; Voss, Jona; Schmidt, Bernd M.: Shining a Light on Dissipative Supramolecular Assemblies
Park, Jinhwan; Jang, Dongkyu; An, Jihye; Park, Yeongmi; Bae, Hyeonwoong; Kim, Minseok; Lee, Joohyun; Son, Jongwoo: Copper(I)-Mediated Decarboxylative N-Arylation of Dioxazolones: Synthesis of N-Aryl Amides

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Gembreska, Nathan R.; Vogel, Alexander K.; Ziegelmeyer, Elizabeth C.; Cheng, Eric; Wu, Fan; Roberts, Leo P.; Vesoulis, Megan M.; Li, Wei: Halonium Catalysis: An Underutilized and Underexplored Catalytic Concept in Olefin Functionalizations

Issue 04/2021

Issue 03/2021

Sharafi, Mona; Campbell, Joseph P.; Murphy, Kyle E.; Osadchey Brown, Reilly; Schneebeli, Severin T.: Chiral Auxiliaries for Stereoselective Electrophilic Aromatic Substitutions

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Cringoli, Maria C.; Bellotto, Ottavia; De Zorzi, Rita; Vargiu, Attilio V.; Marchesan, Silvia: Self-Assembling l-d-l-Tripeptides Dance the Twist

Issue 04/2020

Long, Xianwen; Ding, Yiming; Wu, Hai; Deng, Jun: Total Synthesis of Asperchalasine A

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Barthelemy, Anne-Laure; Tuccio, Béatrice; Magnier, Emmanuel; Dagousset, Guillaume: Intermolecular Trapping of Alkoxyl Radicals with Alkenes: A New Route to Ether Synthesis
Claros, Miguel; Casitas, Alicia; Lloret-Fillol, Julio: Visible-Light Reductive Cyclization of Nonactivated Alkyl Chlorides

Issue 12/2019

Issue 11/2019

Issue 10/2019

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Issue 08/2019

Habraken, Evi R. M.; Jupp, Andrew R.; Slootweg, J. Chris: Diazonium Salts as Nitrogen-Based Lewis Acids

Issue 07/2019

Ghiazza, Clément; Monnereau, Cyrille; Khrouz, Lhoussain; Médebielle, Maurice; Billard, Thierry; Tlili, Anis: New Avenues in Radical Trifluoromethylselenylation with ­Trifluoromethyl Tolueneselenosulfonate

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Lamb, Richard A.; Lessene, Guillaume; Hawkins, Bill C.: The Synthesis of (–)-Spiroleucettadine
Narayanam, Maruthi Kumar; Ma, Gaoyuan; Champagne, Pier Alexandre; Houk, Kendall N.; Murphy, Jennifer M.: Nucleophilic 18F-Fluorination of Anilines via N-Arylsydnone Intermediates

Issue 08/2018

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Issue 05/2018

Klapper, Martin; Arp, Johannes; Günther, Markus; Stallforth, Pierre: The Role of Bacterial Natural Products in Predator Defense

Issue 04/2018

Issue 03/2018

Issue 02/2018

Issue 01/2018

Issue 19/2017

Jacobse, Peter H.; Moret, Marc-Etienne; Klein Gebbink, Robertus J. M.; Swart, Ingmar: Tracking On-Surface Chemistry with Atomic Precision

Issue 18/2017

Hullaert, Jan; Denoo, Bram; Christiaens, Mien; Callebaut, Brenda; Winne, Johan M.: Heterocycles as Moderators of Allyl Cation Cycloaddition Reactivity
Jeon, Sangbin; Park, Joonoh; Han, Sunkyu: Syntheses of Dimeric Securinega Alkaloids

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Issue 08/2017

Pace, Vittorio; Castoldi, Laura; Monticelli, Serena; Rui, Marta; Collina, Simona: New Perspectives in Lithium Carbenoid Mediated Homologations

Issue 07/2017

Spell, Mark L.; Deveaux, Kristina; Bresnahan, Caitlin G.; Ragains, Justin R.: O-Glycosylation Enabled by Remote Activation

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Mendoza, Abraham; Colas, Kilian; Suárez-Pantiga, Samuel; Götz, Daniel C. G.; Johansson, Magnus J.: Chemical Innovation through Ligand Total Synthesis

Issue 11/2016

Ravat, Prince; Šolomek, Tomáš; Ribar, Peter; Juríček, Michal: Biradicaloid with a Twist: Lowering the Singlet–Triplet Gap

Issue 10/2016

Issue 09/2016

Issue 08/2016

Issue 07/2016

Larsson, Johanna; Demory, Emilien; Devaraj, Karthik; Sollert, Carina; Pilarski, Lukasz T.: Selective Activation of Arylboronate or Aryne Reactivity as a Versatile Postfunctionalization Strategy
Nalbandian, Christopher J.; Hecht, David E.; Gustafson, Jeffrey L.: The Preorganization of Atropisomers to Increase Target Selectivity

Issue 06/2016

Maza, Johnathan C.; Jacobs, Taylor H.; Uthappa, Diya M.; Young, Douglas D.: Employing Unnatural Amino Acids in the Preparation of Biooconjugates

Issue 05/2016

Issue 04/2016

Issue 03/2016

Issue 02/2016

Bunrit, Anon; Dahlstrand, Christian; Srifa, Pemikar; Olsson, Sandra K.; Huang, Genping; Biswas, Srijit; Himo, Fahmi; Samec, Joseph S. M.: Nucleophilic Substitution of the Hydroxyl Group in Stereogenic Alcohols with Chirality Transfer

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Porel, Mintu; Brown, Joseph S.; Alabi, Christopher A.: Sequence-Defined Oligothioetheramides

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Jessen, Henning Jacob; Capolicchio, Samanta; Pavlovic, Igor; Thakor, Divyeshsinh Takhtasinh: Diphosphoinositol Polyphosphates: Polar Stars in Cell Signaling

Issue 10/2014

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