Category: Halogenation Methods (with a View towards Radioimaging Applications)

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Dubost, Emmanuelle; Babin, Victor; Benoist, Florian; Hébert, Alexandra; Pigrée, Gilbert; Bouillon, Jean-Philippe; Fabis, Frédéric; Cailly, Thomas: Improvements of C–H Radio-Iodination of N-Acylsulfonamides toward Implementation in Clinics
Sarie, Jérôme C.; Neufeld, Jessica; Daniliuc, Constantin G.; Gilmour, Ryan: Willgerodt-Type Dichloro(aryl)-λ3-Iodanes: A Structural Study
Thompson, Stephen; Lee, So Jeong; Jackson, Isaac M.; Ichiishi, Naoko; Brooks, Allen F.; Sanford, Melanie S.; Scott, Peter J. H.: Synthesis of [18F]-γ-Fluoro-α,β-unsaturated Esters and Ketones via Vinylogous 18F-Fluorination of α-Diazoacetates with [18F]AgF