Endoscopy 2024; 56(06): v8
DOI: 10.1055/a-2266-3905
Author commentary

Author commentary on David E. F.W. M. van Toledo et al.


    David E. F.W. M. van Toledo et al. Effect of an E-learning resource on endoscopists’ proximal serrated polyp detection rate: a randomized controlled trial

    In the Dutch colorectal cancer screening program, a 60-minute e-learning intervention on serrated polyp detection was provided to randomly selected endoscopists. The study compared the proximal serrated polyp detection rate (PSPDR) before and after the intervention, and between the intervention and control groups (116 endoscopists in total). PSPDR in the intervention arm was significantly higher after e-learning (13.6% vs. 17.1%) compared with controls (13.8% vs. 15.4%), indicating greater improvement in detection of proximal serrated polyps after e-learning.




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    29. Mai 2024

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