Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie 2019; 40(S 01): S33-S34
DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1697311
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Real World Evidence (RWE) data for advanced natural product (ANP) Cough and Cold: a post launch survey understanding the profile of pharmacy customers

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09. September 2019 (online)


    RWE data is valuable to gather information on health-related treatments. Here, we analyzed market research data in F and IT to obtain insights on symptoms, treatment and lifestyle implications of people using ANPs for cough and cold.

    Methods: Online interviews (standardized IPSOS access panel from 6th -11th Jan 2017) among 150 pharmacy customers for a regular chemical brand (Lisomucil (Carbocystein)/Toplexil (Oxomemazine)) and 110 customers for an ANP (Lisonatural/Phytoxil (Honey/extract-fractions of Thyme, Plantago)). Comparator: weighted national representative sample (Nat Rep) of men and women [18 – 65yrs] (F: 5310; IT: 6600). Participants were asked for their symptoms during the last 12 month, the products they purchased for cough and cold, their expectations/perception with regard to uniqueness, effectiveness, likeliness and treatment compliance.

    ANPs were favored mainly by women (60%) with children, resident at urban areas. Pharmacist recommendation plays a major role in both countries for purchase decision. Sore throat (83% F, 90% IT), stuffy nose (79% F, 77% IT) and headache (81% F, 87% IT) products were more often purchased during the last 12 month in the target population for ANP buyers vs. Nat Rep. In contrast to the respective chemical product, ANPs were used early during cough and cold, when first symptoms were noticed (43% F, 46% IT). Nearly every consumer in IT (96%) and 91% in F were satisfied with the ANP. The majority (79%) of ANP users in F and IT agreed that it provided fast relief from cough and could be used safely. 76% in F and in IT agreed with a long-lasting relief from cough. More than 80% of consumers in F and IT rated the ANP to be of high quality and practical to use. 3 AEs were reported.

    Fig. 1 illustrates the specific differences of the ANP pharmacy customers profile vs. Nat Rep (F:5310, IT:6600).

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