DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Ausgabe 02 · Volume 6 · April 1996 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12313

Original article

Crabbe, D. C. G.; Kiely, E. M.; Drake, D. P.; Spitz, L.: Management of the Isolated Congenital Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula
Karagüzel, G.; Tanyel, F. C.; Büyükpamukçu, N.; Hiçsönmez, A.: Is There Any Predictive Characteristic for Malignancy in Thyroid Enlargements During Childhood?
Upadhyay, V.; Sakalkale, R.; Parashar, K.; Mitra, S. K.; Buick, R. G.; Gornall, P.; Corkery, J. J.: Duodenal Atresia: A Comparison of Three Modes of Treatment
Schmittenbecher, P. P.; Rapp, P.; Dietz, H.-G.: Traumatic and Non-Traumatic Pancreatitis in Pediatric Surgery
Luzzatto, C.; Previtera, C.; Boscolo, R.; Katende, M.; Orzali, A.; Guglielmi, M.: Necrotizing Enterocolitis: Late Surgical Results After Enterostomy Without Resection

Case report

Chitnis, M. R.; Carachi, R.; Galea, P.: Familial Aplasia Cutis Congenita
Germain, J.-F.; Casadevall, I.; Desplanques, L.; De Napoli Cocci, S.; Hartmann, J. F.; Mercier, J. C.; Beaufils, F.: Thrombosis of the Arterial Cannula During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in a Full-Term Newborn Infant
Coelho, J. C. U.; Wiederkehr, J. C.; Cat, R.; Carrero, J. E.; de Oliveira, E. D.; Campos, A. C. L.; Cat, I.: Extrapyramidal Disorder Secondary to Cytomegalovirus Infection and Toxoplasmosis After Liver Transplantation
Rizalar, R.; Saraç, A.; Görk, A. S.; Somuncu, S.; Bernay, F.; Gürses, N.: Duplication of Appendix with Segmental Dilatation of the Colon, Myeloschisis and Anal Atresia