DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 05 · Volume 8 · 1976 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-13429


Conaway, H. H.; Griffey, M. A.; Marks, S. R.; Whitney, J. E.: Ionophore A23187-induced Insulin Secretion in the Isolated, Perfused Dog Pancreas
Lin, B. J.; Henderson, M. J.; Levine, B. B.; Nagy, B. R.; Nagy, E. M.: Effects of Iodoacetate and Fluoride on Islet Respiration and Insulin Biosynthesis
Byrnes, D. J.; Marjason, J. P.: Radioimmunoassay of Secretin in Plasma
Grier lll, G. W.; Davis, L. C.; Pfeifer, W. D.: Effects of Lithium on Inducible Enzymes of Rat Liver
De Nicola, A. F.; Fridman, O.; Del Castillo, E. J.; Foglia, V. G.: The Influence of Streptozotocin Diabetes on Adrenal Function in Male Rats
Reinwein, D.; Durrer, H. A.; Wiermann, H.; Löhnert, J.; von zur Mühlen, A.: The Thyroidal T4/T3 Ratio and its Regulation in Non-toxic Goitre

Short Communications

Koch, B.; Lutz, B.; Briaud, B.; Mialhe, C.: Sex Difference in Glucocorticoid Binding to the Adenohypophysis
Lauridsen, U. Birk; Faber, J.; Friis, Th.; Kirkegaard, C.; Nerup, J.: Thyrotropin (TSH) Release During Altered Adrenergic α and β Receptor Influence
Emrich, D.; Bähre, M.; zur Mühlen, A. v; Hesch, R.-D.; Köbberling, J.: Insufficient TSH Stimulation after Successful Treatment for Hyperthyroidism
Rastogi, G. K.; Sawhney, R. C.; Talwar, K. K.: Serum and Urinary Thyroid Hormones during Infective Fever