DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Ausgabe 01 · Volume 34 · Januar 2013 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-24227

Physiology & Biochemistry

Diaz, M. M.; Bocanegra, O. L.; Teixeira, R. R.; Soares, S. S.; Espindola, F. S.: Salivary Nitric Oxide and Alpha-Amylase as Indexes of Training Intensity and Load
Callewaert, M.; Boone, J.; Celie, B.; De Clercq, D.; Bourgois, J.: Quadriceps Muscle Fatigue in Trained and Untrained Boys
Miyashita, M.; Park, J.-H.; Takahashi, M.; Suzuki, K.; Stensel, D.; Nakamura, Y.: Postprandial Lipaemia: Effects of Sitting, Standing and Walking in Healthy Normolipidaemic Humans

Training & Testing

Gobbo, L. A.; Ritti-Dias, R. M.; Avelar, A.; Silva, A. M.; Coelho-e-Silva, M. J.; Cyrino, E. S.: Changes in Skeletal Muscle Mass Assessed by Anthropometric Equations after Resistance Training
Figueiredo, P.; Sanders, R.; Gorski, T.; Vilas-Boas, J. P.; Fernandes, R. J.: Kinematic and Electromyographic Changes During 200 m Front Crawl at Race Pace
Tanaka, N. I.; Komuro, T.; Tsunoda, N.; Aoyama, T.; Okada, M.; Kanehisa, H.: Trunk Muscularity in Throwers

Behavioural Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Niederer, D.; Vogt, L.; Thiel, C.; Schmidt, K.; Bernhörster, M.; Lungwitz, A.; Jäger, E.; Banzer, W.: Exercise Effects on HRV in Cancer Patients
Pelletier, M. H.; Malhotra, A.; Brighton, T.; Walsh, W. R.; Lindeman, R.: Platelet Function and Constituents of Platelet Rich Plasma


Sloan, C. A.; Engels, H. J.; Fahlman, M. M.; Yarandi, H. E.; Davis, J. E.: Effects of Exercise on S-IGA and URS in Postmenopausal Women

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Piovesan, R. F.; Fernandes, K.P. S.; Alves, A. N.; Teixeira, V. P.; Silva Junior, J. A.; Martins, M. D.; Bussadori, S. K.; Albertini, R.; Mesquita-Ferrari, R. A.: Effect of Nandrolone Decanoate on Skeletal Muscle Repair