DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Current Issue 06 · Volume 47 · December 1999 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-8703

Original Cardiovascular

Walther, T.; Walther, C.; Falk, V.; Langebartels, G.; Krüger, M.; Dagge, A.; Diegeler, A.; Autschbach, R.; Mohr, F. W.: Quadrileaflet Stentless Mitral Valve Replacement
Harig, F.; Cesnjevar, R.; Mahmoud, F. O.; von der Emde, J.: Perioperative Factors Influencing Interleukin-10 Release under Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Gansera, B.; Haschemi, A.; Angelis, I.; Eichinger, W.; Breuer, M.; Keiditsch, E.; Kemkes, B. M.: Cardiac Surgery in Patients with Previous Carcinoma of the Breast and Mediastinal Irradiation: Is the Internal Thoracic Artery Graft Obsolete?

Original Vascular

Grubhofer, G.; Lassnigg, A.; Pernerstorfer, T.; Ipsiroglu, O.; Czerny, M.; Polterauer, P.; Hiesmayr, M.: Systemic Blood Pressure and Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity During Carotid Surgery

Case Reports

Steidl-Bormann, C.; Dörffel, W. V.; Moebes, R.; Baumann, G.: Successful Streptokinase Lysis of a Right-Atrial Thrombus in a Heart-Transplant Recipient
Moro, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Hayashi, J.-I.; Ohzeki, H.; Nakayama, T.; Aoki, T.; Yagi, N.: Respiratory Insufficiency Caused by an Aneurysm with Multiple Vascular Lesions
Evagelopoulos, N.; Tossios, P.; Wanke, W.; Krian, A.: Tracheobronchial Rupture after Emergency Intubation
Sakata, S.; Yoshida, I.; Otani, Y.; Kawashima, O.; Kamiyoshihara, M.; Ishikawa, S.; Morishita, Y.: Carbon Dioxide Insufflation Aids Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery in a Young Child

Cardiothoracic Review

Skalski, J.; Wites, M.; Haponiuk, I.; Przybylski, R.; Grzybowski, A.; Zembala, M.; Religa, Z.: A Congenital Defect of the Pericardium

Special Report