DOI: 10.1055/s-00029025

Journal of Pediatric Epilepsy

Ausgabe 01 · Volume 01 · März 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-005-29707



Review Article

Hosain, Syed A.; Conlin, Laura; Spinner, Nancy B.: Ring chromosome 20 epilepsy syndrome: An overview

Martínez, Ana Roche; Armstrong, Judith; Gerotina, Edgar; Fons, Carmen; Campistol, Jaume; Pineda, Mercé: CDKL5 in different atypical Rett syndrome variants: Description of the first eight patients from Spain
Kanemura, Hideaki; Sano, Fumikazu; Shimoyama, Hitoshi; Sugita, Kanji; Aihara, Masao: Thalamic hypoperfusion on SPECT in epilepsy with bilateral synchronous discharge
Preto, Paula M.; Guimarães, Catarina A.; Yasuda, Clarissa Lin; Schmutzler, Katia M.R.S.; Gonzalez, Marina; Montenegro, Maria Augusta; Lopes-Cendes, Iscia; Guerreiro, Marilisa M.: Clinical and EEG profile in Dravet and Doose syndromes
Nguefack, Séraphin; Kuate, Callixte; Lekoubou, Alain; Moifo, Boniface; Chelo, David; Mah, Evelyn; Chiabi, Andreas; Mbassi, Désiré; Tchokoteu, Pierre F.; Djientcheu, Vincent; Mbonda, Elie: Epilepsy and skin anomalies in tuberous sclerosis complex: Report of five cases and review of the sub-Saharan African literature
Kamate, Mahesh; Patil, Pournima; Mittal, Manish: Perioral myoclonia with absences: A case report
Basak, Ratna B.; Malpani, Varsha; Kakish, Khalid; Padmanabhan, Ananthanarayan; Boeck, Andreas: Valproic acid-induced pancreatitis in a physically and mentally challenged child

Letter to the Editor