DOI: 10.1055/s-00033990

TH Open

Ausgabe 03 · Volume 02 · Juli 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40915

Original Article

Cohen, Jessica; Sinvani, Liron; Wang, Jason J.; Kozikowski, Andrzej; Patel, Vidhi; Qiu, Guang; Pekmezaris, Renee; Spyropoulos, Alex C.: Warfarin Quality Metrics for Hospitalized Older Adults
de Jong, Lisa A.; Gout-Zwart, Judith J.; Stevanovic, Jelena; Rila, Harrie; Koops, Mike; Huisman, Menno V.; Postma, Maarten J.: Extended Treatment with Apixaban for Venous Thromboembolism Prevention in the Netherlands: Clinical and Economic Effects
Maramba, Aaron; Ncube, Silenkosi; Mandisodza, Arthur; Da Silva Marques, Dayana; Matsikure, Tsehay: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Warfarin Therapy Monitoring Systems on Thrombophilic Patients in Zimbabwe
Nolasco, Jennifer G.; Nolasco, Leticia H.; Da, Qi; Cirlos, Sonya; Ruggeri, Zaverio M.; Moake, Joel L.; Cruz, Miguel A.: Complement Component C3 Binds to the A3 Domain of von Willebrand Factor

Case Report

Mandryk, Yuriy; Czesla, Markus; Mogilansky, Christian; Stefkova, Kristina; Drees, Aloys; Massoudy, Parwis: Massive Left Atrial Thrombus in Two Patients with Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Type II after Cardiac Surgery
Godier, Anne; Dupont, Mélanie; Desilles, Jean-Philippe; Le Guerinel, Caroline; Taylor, Guillaume; Perrin, Mathilde; Martin, Anne-Céline; Gaussem, Pascale: Successful Use of Recombinant Activated Factor VII to Reverse Ticagrelor-Induced Bleeding Risk: A Case Report

Review Article

Vermeersch, Elien; Nuyttens, Benedicte P.; Tersteeg, Claudia; Broos, Katleen; De Meyer, Simon F.; Vanhoorelbeke, Karen; Deckmyn, Hans: Functional Genomics for the Identification of Modulators of Platelet-Dependent Thrombus Formation