DOI: 10.1055/s-00000180

Journal of Neurological Surgery Part A: Central European Neurosurgery

Issue 06 · Volume 82 · November 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-52165

Original Article

Košťál, Petr; Mrhálek, Tomáš; Kajanová, Alena; Bombic, Martin; Kubále, Jiří; Šterba, Luděk; Ostrý, Svatopluk; Fiedler, Jiří: Changes in Cognition and Hemodynamics 1 Year after Carotid Endarterectomy for Asymptomatic Stenosis
Brawanski, Nina; Kashefiolasl, Sepide; Won, Sae-Yeon; Berkefeld, Joachim; Hattingen, Elke; Senft, Christian; Seifert, Volker; Konczalla, Juergen: Beware of Nihilism: Favorable Outcome despite Poor Admission Status in Posterior Circulation Aneurysms after Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Almahariq, Fadi; Sedmak, Goran; Vuletić, Vladimira; Dlaka, Domagoj; Orešković, Darko; Marčinković, Petar; Raguž, Marina; Chudy, Darko: The Accuracy of Direct Targeting Using Fusion of MR and CT Imaging for Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Liu, Weichao; Yuan, Ye; Xiong, Nanxiang; Wang, Qiangping; Zhang, Fangcheng; Zhao, Hongyang; Xu, Hao; Nayaz, Alading; Hendrik, Pool; Sean, Dickinson James: Reconstruction of Craniectomy for Microvascular Decompression with Autologous Particulate Bone
Gasenzer, Elena Romana; Kanat, Ayhan; Nakamura, Makoto: The Influence of Music on Neurosurgical Cases: A Neglected Knowledge
Dobran, Mauro; Paracino, Riccardo; Nasi, Davide; Aiudi, Denis; Capece, Mara; Carrassi, Erika; Lattanzi, Simona; Rienzo, Alessandro DI; Iacoangeli, Maurizio: Laminectomy versus Unilateral Hemilaminectomy for the Removal of Intraspinal Schwannoma: Experience of a Single Institution and Review of Literature
Ricciardi, Luca; Scerrati, Alba; Bonis, Pasquale De; Miscusi, Massimo; Trungu, Sokol; Visocchi, Massimiliano; Papacci, Fabio; Raco, Antonino; Proietti, Luca; Pompucci, Angelo; Olivi, Alessandro; Montano, Nicola: Long-term Radiologic and Clinical Outcomes after Three-level Contiguous Anterior Cervical Diskectomy and Fusion without Plating: A Multicentric Retrospective Study

Review Article

Sobstyl, Michał; Stapińska-Syniec, Angelika; Iwański, Szczepan; Rylski, Marcin: Clinical Efficacy and Safety Profile of Anterior Thalamic Stimulation for Intractable Epilepsy

Technical Note

Colle, Henry; Colle, David; Noens, Bonny; Dhaen, Bob; Alessi, Giovanni; Muller, Peter; Aerts, Annelies; Robert, Erik; van der Linden, Chris: Subcortical Stimulation with Tip of Ultrasound Aspirator
Mattogno, Pier Paolo; Guerrini, Francesco; Nicolosi, Federico; Panciani, Pierpaolo; Olivi, Alessandro; Fontanella, Marco; Spena, Giannantonio: Minimally Invasive Subfrontal Approach: How to Make it Safe and Effective from the Olfactory Groove to the Mesial Temporal Lobe

Case Report

Steinsiepe, V.K; Frick, H; Jochum, W; Fournier, J.Y: Differential Diagnosis of Central Neurocytoma: Two Cases
Szczygielski, Jacek; München, Dorothea; Ketter, Ralf; Ràkàsz, Lukas; Schulz-Schaeffer, Walter; Oertel, Joachim: Head Injury without Head Blow? A Rare Case of Subdural Hematoma Associated with Minute Arachnoid Cyst in a Teenage Skater