DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue AJP Women · Volume · 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-54395

AJP Women

Henkel, Andrea; Beshar, Isabel; Cahill, Erica P.; Blumenfeld, Yair J.; Chueh, Jane; Shaw, Kate A.: Impact of a Potential 20-Week Abortion Ban on Likelihood of Completing Required Views in Second-Trimester Fetal Anatomy Ultrasound
Novoa, Rommy H.; Meza-Santibañez, Luis; Melgarejo, Wilder E.; Huang-Yang, Xin; Guevara-Ríos, Enrique; Torres-Osorio, Juan; Aponte-Laban, Rosa; Jáuregui-Canchari, Vladimir; Rodríguez-Hilario, Noe; Ventura, Walter: Maternal Perinatal Telemonitoring in the Context of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic in a Tertiary Health Center in Peru
Alzamora, Maria Claudia; Paredes, Tania; Caceres, David; Webb, Camille M.; Valdez, Luis M.; La Rosa, Mauricio: Severe COVID-19 during Pregnancy and Possible Vertical Transmission
Lopian, Miriam; Kashani-Ligumski, Lior; Cohen, Ronnie; Herzlich, Jacky; Perlman, Sharon: A Trial of Labor after Cesarean Section with a Macrosomic Neonate. Is It Safe?
Bridges, Alexis G.; Allshouse, Amanda A.; Canfield, Dana R.; Grover, Bryan W.; Son, Shannon L.; Einerson, Brett D.; Silver, Robert M.; Haas, David M.; Grobman, William A.; Simhan, Hyagriv N.; Day, Robert C.; Blue, Nathan R.: Association of Prostaglandin Use for Cervical Ripening with Mode of Delivery in Small for Gestational Age versus Non–Small for Gestational Age Neonates
Pai, Vidya V.; Noh, Caroline Y.; Dasani, Reedhi; Vallandingham, Shelby; Manipon, Christine; Haileselassie, Bereketeab; Profit, Jochen; Balasundaram, Malathi; Davis, Alexis S.; Bhombal, Shazia: Implementation of a Bedside Point-of-Care Ultrasound Program in a Large Academic Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Ayala, Nina K.; Whelan, Anna R.; Recabo, Olivia; Cersonsky, Tess E. K.; Bublitz, Margaret H.; Sharp, Meghan C.; Lewkowitz, Adam K.: Dispositional Optimism, Mode of Delivery, and Perceived Labor Control among Recently Delivered Parturients