DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research


Bartalena L, Veronesi G, Krassas GE, Wiersinga WM, Marcocci C, Marino M, Salvi M, Daumerie C, Bournaud C, Stahl M, Sassi L, Azzolini C, Boboridis KG, Mourits MP, Soeters MR, Baldeschi L, Nardi M, Curro N, Boschi A, Bernard M, von Arx G, Perros P, Kahaly GJ.
Does early response to intravenous glucocorticoids predict the final outcome in patients with moderate-to-severe and active Graves' orbitopathy?.

J Endocrinol Invest 2017;
40: 547-553

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