DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Ausgabe 01 · Volume 55 · Februar 2024 · Kostenlose Probeausgabe DOI: 10.1055/s-014-58907

Review Article

McGinley, Christopher; Teti, Saige; Hofmann, Katherine; Schreiber, John M.; Cohen, Nathan T.; Gaillard, William D.; Oluigbo, Chima O.: Seizure Control Outcomes following Resection of Cortical Dysplasia in Patients with DEPDC5 Variants: A Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Analysis

Original Article

Van den Brande, Astrid; Bollen, Bieke; Boets, Bart; Naulaers, Gunnar; Ortibus, Els: Executive Function Assessment in 2-Year-Olds Born Preterm
Wei, Yi Sally; Hnaini, Mona; ElAloul, Basmah; Zapata, Eugenio; Campbell, Craig: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Fatigue Trajectories
Ganelin-Cohen, Esther; Pilowsky Peleg, Tammy; Leibovich, Noa; Bachrachg, Esther; Watemberg, Nathan: Word-Finding Difficulties as a Prominent Early Finding in a Later Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Aktekin, Elif Habibe; Gezer, Hasan Özkan; Yazıcı, Nalan; Erol, İlknur; Erbay, Ayşe; Sarıalioğlu, Faik: Five Years Follow-up of Opsoclonus–Myoclonus–Ataxia Syndrome-Associated Neurogenic Tumors in Children

Short Communication

Larsh, Travis R.; Wu, Steve W.; Huddleston, David A.; Lipps, Tara D.; Gilbert, Donald L.: Differences in Tic Severity Among Adolescent Girls and Boys with Tourette Syndrome During the Pandemic
Nomakuchi, Tomoki T.; Alves, Cesar Augusto P.; Beslow, Lauren A.; Zarnow, Deborah; Goyal, Neera; Zackai, Elaine H.; Reynoso Santos, Francis Jeshira: Subdural Hemorrhage as an Early Presentation in a Case of Sotos Syndrome