Indian Journal of Neurotrauma 2012; 09(01): 64-66
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijnt.2012.04.003
Case report
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Intracranial penetrating glass injury: A case report

Chhitij Srivastava
Sunil K. Singh
B.K. Ojha
Anil Chandra

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01 March 2012

29 March 2012

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05 April 2017 (online)


A case of penetrating head injury caused by glass is reported. Rarely does this material cause such an injury. Most of the intracranial foreign bodies occur around the orbit, frontal sinus, nasal and temporal area. Intracranial penetration of glass to the parietal region is rare due to the hardness and thickness of overlying parietal bone. Other reports of this unusual type of head injury are reviewed. Management and possible complications of this type of injury are discussed.