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KBART is a NISO standard that allows to transmit information about titles offered by the publisher to knowledge databases, libraries and link resolver providers in text format.
We offer you an overview at journal and book level, as well as an overview of subject areas.

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We offer you to download your licensed book titles in MARC format.
All titles are already packed according to the licensable libraries so that you can conveniently download them as a ZIP file.

To download individual titles in MARC format, please enter the ISBN in the search field below or use the OAI interface.

Download MARC-Records by Library

Houben-Weyl (Chemistry)
Science of Synthesis 1: Organometallics
Science of Synthesis 2: Hetarenes
Science of Synthesis 3: Compounds with Four and Three Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds
Science of Synthesis 4: Compounds with Two Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds
Science of Synthesis 5: Compounds with One Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds
Science of Synthesis 6: Compounds with All Heteroatom Functions
Science of Synthesis Indices 1-6
Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates
Science of Synthesis Reference Libraries
Thieme Clinical Collections (English Language)

Thieme Clinical Collections India
Thieme E-Book Archive
Thieme E-Book Library Klinik & Praxis (Deutschsprachig)
Thieme E-Book Library Osteopathie
Thieme E-Book Library Studium & Lehre (Deutschsprachig)
Thieme E-Book Library Veterinärmedizin (Deutschsprachig)
Thieme E-Library Komplementärmedizin

Download MARC-Records by Title

Please enter a DOI or ISBN in the search field and click on "Download now".

OAI Interface

Thieme offers you to download the metadata of its online content (articles, books and book chapters) in different formats via OAI-PMH.
You can access the current data at any time and import updates at the intervals you want.

A guideline is available for you to use for obtaining our data via OAI-PMH.

To the guideline: OAI Interface


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