Laryngorhinootologie 2020; 99(11): 817-830
DOI: 10.1055/a-1034-1209
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Chirurgie des Larynx – Teil 2b: Transzervikale chirurgische Therapie maligner Läsionen

Surgery of the Larynx – Part 2b: Transcervical Surgical Therapy of Malignant Lesions
Christoph Arens
Cornelia Schwemmle
Susanne Voigt-Zimmermann

Dieser Beitrag ergänzt unseren mehrteiligen Überblick über die transorale und transzervikale Chirurgie bei benignen und malignen Tumoren des Larynx [1] [2]. Auch beim transzervikalen Zugang muss unter onkologischem Aspekt so radikal wie nötig und so funktionserhaltend wie möglich vorgegangen werden. Beim transzervikalen Zugang sind jedoch weitere Voraussetzungen, Begleiterscheinungen und Folgen bei der Planung, Durchführung und Nachbehandlung zu berücksichtigen.


Transoral endoscopic laryngeal surgery (TEC) is typically used as a cervical tissue-sparing and function-preserving surgical procedure. Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) in particular has been pushing the boundaries towards transoral resection in recent years. Nevertheless, there are still limitations to this approach. Transcervical surgery is then the therapy of choice. It is used in case of insufficient visibility of the entire larynx and especially the tumor-bearing region, cartilage infiltration, a lack of mobility of both arytenoid cartilages or a lack of patient compliance. Even with the transcervical approach, from an oncological point of view, the procedure must be as radical as necessary on the one hand and as function-preserving as possible on the other. In case of a transcervical approach, however, additional requirements, side effects and consequences must be considered during planning, implementation and follow-up treatment. In addition to our previous publications, this article is intended to provide an overview of transcervical surgery for malignancies of the larynx.

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27 October 2020 (online)

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