Adipositas - Ursachen, Folgeerkrankungen, Therapie 2020; 14(03): 140-152
DOI: 10.1055/a-1208-4062

Rehabilitation bei Adipositas

Rehabilitation for patients with obesity
Klaus Herrmann

Menschen mit Adipositas leiden gehäuft unter psychischen Komorbiditäten. Diese können unbehandelt den langfristigen Rehabilitationserfolg gefährden. Sie bedürfen einer gezielten Diagnostik und Therapieplanung.

Inpatient rehab for people with obesity is much more than exercise therapy and nutritive education. It depends on many requirements such as adjusted rooms, special furniture and systems for determining the resting metabolic rate. An interdisciplinary treatment concept is needed to come up to the individual internal, orthopedic and psychological requirements of this complex syndrome. Growing up in an obese promotional environment many patients are suffering from depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Without focussing on these comorbidities it seems not promising to come to a permanent change of motivation. In this article we disbribe the surrounding conditions of an residential therapy in which the patient feels understood and can gain a new self-conception for a long-lasting weight loss.

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Publication Date:
04 September 2020 (online)

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