Int J Sports Med 2016; 37(02): 144-148
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1564104
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The Acute Effect of Direct Vibration on Muscular Power Performance in Master Athletes

D. J. Cochrane
1   School of Sport & Exercise, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
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accepted after revision 10 August 2015

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28 October 2015 (online)


This study examined the acute effect of direct vibration on biceps brachii muscular power in master athletes. 10 healthy male national representative master field-hockey players were randomly assigned to receive 10 min of pulsing sinusoidal vibration or no vibration (control) to the right and left biceps brachii. Pre- and post-testing included lifting 2 repetitions of standing dumbbell (DB) biceps curl at 50% 1 RM (repetition maximum). Mechanical peak power (PP), mean concentric power (MCP) and normalised electromyography (EMG) was assessed during the concentric phase of the biceps curl. Following vibration PP increased 44.3±23.6 W (difference pre-post; p=0.013) compared to control (5.9±9.5 W; p=0.334). Similarly, MCP increased 12.0±4.5 W (p=0.002) compared to control (1.5±0.8 W; p=0.397). However, there was no significant difference in normalised EMG between vibration and control (p>0.05). The increase in PP and MCP did not coincide with an increase in EMG and suggests that other mechanisms may be contributing to changes in muscle performance. Given its ease of use and portability the vibratory device may be considered as an alternative warm-up modality immediately prior to explosive activities.

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