Facial plast Surg 2016; 32(06): 664-670
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1593748
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Dome Division: A Viable Technique Today?

Armando Boccieri1, Sebastiano Sciuto1, Valerio Cervelli2, Michele Pascali2
  • 1Department of Facial Plastic Surgery, “Nostra Signora della Mercede” Hospital, Rome, Italy
  • 2Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Rome “Tor Vergata,” Rome, Italy
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29 December 2016 (online)


Dome division can still be regarded as a valid surgical procedure today in some particular cases of revision rhinoplasty where the scarring is so extensive as to make precise isolation of the alar cartilages impossible. The presence of asymmetry of the nasal tip, a recurrent feature in the results of rhinoplasty, constitutes the primary indication, as division makes it immediately possible to restore balance between the two domes in such cases. The technique also proves useful in cases of overprojection of the tip as a result of rhinoplasty. Moreover, the procedure has been improved by precise suturing of the cartilaginous stumps so as to avoid its frequently reported complications, arising essentially from the vulnerability of the domal arch to the distorting forces of cicatricial retraction and its resulting lack of stability over time. In this connection, the authors attach crucial importance to direct suturing of the cartilaginous stumps in accordance with a now standardized method that is easy to execute and offers lasting, stable results. This approach makes it possible to re-establish continuity of the cartilaginous domal arch in a form unquestionably closer to the physiological anatomical conformation.