Homeopathy 2018; 107(S 01): 55-78
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1633332
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Genus Epidemicus: Are Quantum-Based Metaphors Necessary for the Homeopathic Understanding of Epidemic Disease?

Lionel Milgrom
1  Program for Advanced Homeopathic Research, London, United Kingdom
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05 February 2018 (online)


Introduction: This research grew out of discussions during the Rome HRI Conference. Patient–Practitioner–Remedy (PPR) entanglement postulates non-local interaction between patient (Px), practitioner (Pr), and potentised medicine (Rx), resulting in the patient’s ‘journey to cure’. The in-depth homeopathic interview is thought to be a major contributing factor instigating PPR entanglement. Simultaneously, a quantised gyroscopic metaphor for the Vital Force (Vf) has also been developed.

Research Question: The question raised in Rome was whether entanglement metaphors were necessary for explaining homeopathy’s mode of action during the treatment of epidemic diseases. Here, the individualising in-depth homeopathic interview is neither possible nor indeed necessary. Does this mean the whole notion of PPR entanglement is at best irrelevant?

Method: Re-evaluation of the Vf metaphor’s mathematical form found it limited to the in-depth patient/practitioner consultation in chronic disease. A more generalised form of this metaphor was produced. In addition, an earlier metaphor based on quantum field theory, and PPR entanglement itself, was also re-evaluated.

Results, Discussion, and Conclusion: The more generalised Vf metaphor was applicable to epidemic diseases. Here, a single, over-arching ‘entangled’ Vf ‘wave function’ for all susceptible beings was identified, which disappeared after practitioner intervention. An analogy was drawn with semiconductor physics. Genus epidemicus is likened to an ‘n-type dopant’, which forms a ‘p–n junction’ with ‘p-type’ disease. ‘Rectification’ (i.e., cure) then occurs. Using the quantum field theory metaphor, genus epidemicus is thought to act like a ‘gauge field’, restoring ‘global invariance’ (i.e., health) to the symmetry-broken (i.e., dis-eased), symptom expressing, over-arching Vf. Thus, entanglement metaphors are not only applicable to the homeopathic therapeutic process in the one-to-one in-depth chronic or acute consultation but are also relevant to describing homeopathy’s mode of action in epidemic disease.

Keywords: Epidemic disease, Genus epidemicus, entanglement metaphors, Vital Force