Homeopathy 2018; 107(S 01): 55-78
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1633336
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Homeopathic Add-On Treatment to Improve Rehabilitation and Quality-of-Life in Brain Tumor Patients Following Surgery: An Exemplary Case Study

Irene Dorothee Schlingensiepen
1   Institut fuer wissenschaftlich orientierte Homoeopathie, Germany
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05. Februar 2018 (online)


Question: How can a homeopathic follow-up treatment improve the recovery, rehabilitation, and quality-of-life in patients suffering from brain damage after surgery?

Background: Presentation of two exemplary case studies of patients with different brain tumors after incomplete resection due to partial inoperability. Homeopathic follow-up treatment was initiated as a palliative measure after conventional treatment options had been exhausted.

Method: Upon initial homeopathic case taking both patients presented with neurologic signs and symptoms of slowed speech, reduced memory, and cognition. Both patients had been attested >75% working disability due to short-term memory impairment and marked depression. Homeopathic treatment of the patients was initiated with a true simillimum remedy which was not changed throughout the entire treatment period since 2006. The only variation was adjustments in potency. Despite a poor initial prognosis, the psychologic quality-of-life parameters of the patients improved within days of initiation of homeopathic treatment. This initial result was followed by a gradual but steady improvement in neurologic deficiencies continuing for 10 years to date.

Results: Initial patient condition and follow-up progress have been video-documented over the years and will be presented with patient consent. These cases exemplify the extraordinary potential for symptomatic as well as quality-of-life improvements by an exacting and homeopathic simillimum follow-on care.

Keywords: Simillimum, tumor therapy, follow-up treatment, quality-of-life