CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · Revista Fisioterapia Invasiva / Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy 2019; 02(01): 01
DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1685231
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The Second Stone

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Pablo Herrero
1  Revista Fisioterapia Invasiva, Head of iPhysio Research Group, Universidad San Jorge, Zaragoza, Spain
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28 June 2019 (online)


I never believed that we could transform the world, but I believe that each day things can be transformed (Françoise Giroud)

For all those who have participated in this second stage of the journal, it gives us great satisfaction to inform you that a step forward has been taken towards the goal of contributing for the development of Invasive Physiotherapy. The Fisioterapia Invasiva journal (Spanish edition) and the Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy (edition in English) were brought together in this new stage as a single bilingual journal with the aim of increasing its scientific impact. This journal is now officially recognized as being the journal of the Scientific Society of Invasive Neuromusculoskeletal Physical Therapy (SOCIFIN, in the Spanish acronym), created in 2018 with the mission of developing, promoting and protecting invasive physiotherapy, together with the professionals who apply these techniques worldwide.

This is a continuation from the previous stage, and, from here on, we will join forces with the Thieme publishing house, which has provided a new design and structural changes that will further establish and professionally legitimize the journal, thus helping to improve and increase its prestige and impact and, therefore, achieve greater recognition by the scientific community.

The journal will continue to have an eminently clinical vocation and orientation, which is why a novel article type has been included, entitled “practical forum”. This seeks to provide readers with the so-called “clinical pearls of wisdom” by publishing innovative articles or pieces that feature the opinions and experiences of experts on the clinical application of invasive techniques.

In this new stage, I wish to publicly acknowledge all those people or institutions who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the development of invasive physical therapy, with a special mention of MVClinic and Elsevier, as the promoters of the journal.

This journal will still consist of two biannual publications, and during 2019 there will be an additional special issue or supplement, which will gather all the scientific communications and posters presented at the III International Conference on Invasive Physical Therapy (Valencia 2018), as well as the main conclusions of the “fire debates” celebrated during the conference and enjoyed by the attendees.

Finally, I would like to invite you all to participate by submitting your research projects and collaborating in the dissemination of the same via your professional webpages and social networks. Unquestionably, our greatest strength is unity: together, we can continue to contribute towards the development of this area of knowledge that is so rewarding, not just to us, but to all those who, at some point, have required our help as professionals.

Without science, there can be no progress