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Rare tumor of the external auditory canal – A case report

V Bezas
1   HNO Klinik Bad Hersfeld/MVZ Hersfeld- Rotenburg- HNO Praxis, Bebra
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Diseases of the external auditory canal are among the most common pathologies in ENT.


A 75-year-old female patient presented in our ENT practice due to progressive protrusion in the left ear canal/cavum conchae. After digital self-manipulation of the lesion, a single short-term hemorrhage has occurred.

The ENT examination revealed a smooth, tight-elastic, partly slid, doughy, indolent mass of about 1.5 cm in size. The mass was evaluated preoperatively by ultrasound and we promptly plan the extirpation of the external ear canal mass in local anesthesia.


The histological report revealed a cylindroma (basal cell adenoma of the skin adnexa). The tumor was bordering to the depth. Only marginal and on the side was the tumor in toto excised. Such tumors may possibly recur if incompletely removed. We proceed to a subsequent resection. No findings of tumor cells could be detected in the final histology.

Clinical follow-up 6 months after showed no evidence of relapse of tumor or postoperative external auditory canal stenosis.


The causes of an obstruction of the ear canal could be inflammatory, tumor-related or traumatic. Foreign bodies, malformations and wax have to be considered.

The cylindroma is indeed one of the rarest benign tumors of the external auditory canal. The head and neck area is considered the most common manifestation of this type of tumor.

In the case of a cylindroma due to possible recurrence, the tumor has to be excised in toto.

After that a clinical check is sufficient.

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23 April 2019 (online)

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