CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · Laryngorhinootologie 2020; 99(S 02): S341
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1711336
Plastic Surgery

Midfacial injury by an angle grinder accident

D Babirsoy
1   Klinikum Bielefeld, Hno Bielefeld
Lars-Uwe Scholtz
1   Klinikum Bielefeld, Hno Bielefeld
I Todt
1   Klinikum Bielefeld, Hno Bielefeld
H Sudhoff
1   Klinikum Bielefeld, Hno Bielefeld
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Background The use of angle grinders can lead to complex injuries. The most frequent sites affected are within the head and face region. Here we present a case of a complex trauma to the facial midline due to an out-of-control angle grinder.

Case presentation.

A 46-year old construction site worker was admitted intubated to the emergency room with a penetrating injury of an angle grinder without a guard. Facial nerve function was intact, no neurological deficit was detected prior to intubation. The CT showed anterior frontal and maxillary sinus fractures with a hematoma in the right maxillary sinus. After repositioning of the displaced nasal bony fragments, excision of wound edges was followed meticulous layered functional closure starting with the vermilion. Doyle splints were used to keep the nasal airways patent while maintaining support of the cartilaginous septal fracture for one week. The postoperative appearance of the severely injured one week and two weeks after surgery was very satisfactory with the functional and aesthetical outcome.

Conclusions Functional and aesthetical satisfying Results can be achieved by meticulous debridement, excision of wound edges and layered functional closure after appropriate reconstruction of additional facial bony defects.

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Article published online:
10 June 2020

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