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Influencing Factors of Future Specialty Choice for Undergraduate Medical Students: An Updated Experience from the UAE

1   Department of Academic Affairs, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Salama AlBuqaish
3   Neurology Department, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Academic Health Corporation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Alaa Ali
1   Department of Academic Affairs, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Mira Ibrahim
4   Department of Internal Medicine, Zayed Military Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Shoroogh Marei
1   Department of Academic Affairs, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Shomous Nugud
5   College of Medicine, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
2   Department of Medical Affairs, Aljalila Children's Speciality Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Background Medical students' career choices determine the prospects of the future medical workforce, thus influencing the delivery of medical care. This study aims to identify and provide information about factors affecting the selection of future specialties among medical students.

Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted on students in both preclerkship and clerkship phases at a single institution in the United Arab Emirates. A self-administered questionnaire included questions about demographic data, most preferred specialties, and influential factors. The influential factors were measured using a Likert scale.

Results Surgery and internal medicine were the most desired specialties, respectively. Gender has a significant role in influencing career choice. There was no association between preclerkship and clerkship students' career choices. The most influential factors were seeing good treatment outcomes and having abilities for the specialty.

Conclusions Surgery and internal medicine were the most preferred specialties, even though significant gender differences existed in specialty choices among these students.

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All authors contributed to the design of the study and data collection and analysis. All authors contributed to the manuscript revisions, editing, and submission. All authors reviewed and approved the final manuscript.

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Article published online:
22 June 2023

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