Int J Sports Med 2003; 24(4): 264-270
DOI: 10.1055/s-2003-39509
Physiology & Biochemistry
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Effects of High Intensity Resistance and Low Intensity Endurance Training on Myosin Heavy Chain Isoform Expression in Highly Trained Rowers

Y.  Liu1 , W.  Lormes1 , S.  Reißnecker1 , J. M.  Steinacker1
  • 1Department of Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany
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Accepted after revision: November 26, 2002

Publication Date:
04 June 2003 (online)


An important mechanism of muscle adaptation to exercise is the alteration of myosin heavy chain (MHC) isoform expression. This study investigated the effect of a high intensity resistance training (HIRT) and a low intensity endurance rowing (LIER) on MHC isoform expression in highly trained human muscle. Six well-trained male rowers underwent a training program consisting of a 3-week HIRT and a 3-week LIER, each followed by one-week of recovery. Muscle samples were taken from vastus lateralis before and at the end of each training and recovery phase. MHC isoform was analyzed by SDS-PAGE using silver stain and MHC isoform mRNA by RT-PCR. The maximum oxygen uptake and power output did not change after the training. MHC isoform composition did not change over HIRT or LIER, and there was a decrease in MHC I with concomitant increase in MHC IIa after recovery following HIRT. HIRT led to mRNA upregulation of MHC Iα, Iβ and IIx (127 %, 148 % and 117 %, respectively, p < 0.05), but not MHC I protein (60 % vs 62 %, NS), and LIER led merely to MHC Iβ mRNA upregulation (131 %, p < 0.05). Thus, different responses of MHC isoform expression to HIRT and LIER occurred in the highly trained muscle, and a “ceiling effect” in terms of MHC I expression could be observed. The upregulation of MHC Iα mRNA in human skeletal muscle documented in this study may encourage further observations in this field.


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