Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 2006; 114(9): 475-484
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-924241

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Pharmacotherapy of Obesity

K. G. Hofbauer 1 , J. R. Nicholson 1
  • 1Applied Pharmacology, Biozentrum/Pharmazentrum, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
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Received: February 10, 2006 First decision: March 7, 2006

Accepted: March 16, 2006

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17 November 2006 (online)


Obesity has become a significant health problem in industrialised and developing countries, and despite all nutritional and behavioural approaches, its prevalence is still increasing. In recent years, the identification and characterisation of central and peripheral mechanisms involved in the regulation of energy balance has made remarkable progress and provided numerous targets for novel antiobesity agents. However, only few antiobesity drugs are on the market and not many compounds have entered clinical development. In the present review, the clinically available agents are discussed and their pharmacological profiles are compared. Some of the drugs that are currently in clinical development are mentioned as examples of the possible future range of antiobesity agents. Selected topics in drug discovery are presented to illustrate novel targets and concepts for the pharmacotherapy of obesity.



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