Laryngorhinootologie 2006; 85(6): 399-400
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-947071
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Optimierte Implantation einer Titanhülse für ein teilimplantierbares Luftleitungshörsystem

Optimized Implantation of a Titanium Tube for a Partially Implantable Air-Conduction Hearing SystemT. Wesendahl
  • Rheine
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31 May 2006 (online)



The procedure and instruments required for implanting a titanium tube system as a component of a partially implantable air-conduction hearing system have been optimized, so that the surgery involved is simpler, quicker and prone to fewer complications. An account is given of the measurement of the length of the implantation channel, the insertion of the implant into the lateral portion of the outer ear, and the creation of a secure connection between the implant and the sound outlet head with the aid of implantation tools.