Laryngorhinootologie 2006; 85(8): 556-558
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-949540
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Die Kollageninjektion zur Augmentation des insuffizienten Stimmprothesenlagers

Collagen Injection for Augmentation of Periprothetic Leakage after Tracheo-Esophageal Voice RestorationT.K. Hoffmann, P. Sommer, H. Bier
  • Düsseldorf
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02 August 2006 (online)



After laryngectomy the majority of patients receive a vocal rehabilitation by treacheo-esophagal puncture and insertion of voice prosthesis. Periprothetic leakage causing aspiration represents a well known complication and is frequently treated by temporary removal of the prosthesis with shrinkage of the shunt. Here we describe 10 patients with such a leakage treated by collagen injection for periprothetic tissue augmentation.

A mean of 1,6 injections were necessary for complete control of the leakage. The injection was well tolerated and was found effective for median period of 9,3 months. In our hands the periprothetic collagen injection represents an effective and well tolerated procedure for temporary augmentation of tracheo-osophageal leakage in postlaryngectomy patients. However, alternative fillers without pre-testing necessity and longer augmentation intervals should be considered.

Key words: voice prosthesis; periprothetic leakage; laryngectomy; collagen; tissue augmentation